Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who is John Galt?

This guy.

Is it not fitting, too, that the Globe chose a fellow who looks vaguely like any of several Founding Fathers to represent the every-day American who has worked hard, played by the rules, paid his bills and now finds himself vaguely irked to see the government using his tax dollars to "bail out" millions of people (and, ahem, state governments) who over-extended themselves?

And now I must turn away to clean up the coffee I spat all over the table when I saw the Globe acknowledged that there's such a thing as moral hazard.

UPDATE: I should have held my coffee. Apparently the Globe's editorial page still does not believe in moral hazard, or thinks it is a figment of the imaginations of "resentful" denizens of the "talk radio" fever swamp. They should read their own business section.

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  1. The state budget is a joke. While everyone else is cutting back, MA is looking for new revenues. MA will just loose more industry.


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