Friday, March 13, 2009

Rhetoric vs. Reality

"We have a mandate to change the way we do business on Beacon Hill... Do not expect more of the same from me."
-- Governor-elect Deval Patrick, November 7, 2006
(Election Night victory speech)
Governor Deval Patrick, who campaigned on a platform to fight business as usual on Beacon Hill, has given one of his earliest political supporters a $175,000-a-year job as an assistant director at a state bonding authority, a position that had sat vacant for more than a dozen years.
-- Boston Globe, March 13, 2009
As Gov. Deval Patrick grapples with layoffs and budget deficits, he has hired a close neighbor in Milton to be the state’s $120,000 director of real estate services, the Herald has learned.
-- Boston Herald, December 29, 2008

"In times such as these, people will turn to their government for help. While this is not a storm of our making, we must work together to solve the budget crisis, to live within our means, to reform bureaucracy and to do more with less at all levels of government."
-- (Former) House Speaker Sal DiMasi, January 7, 2009
(Reelection victory speech)
On his second to last day in office in January, DiMasi boosted the pay of 10 House employees, including his driver, Daniel Petrigno, whom he made a court officer, one of a cadre of uniformed men and women whose primary responsibility is keeping order in the House.
-- Boston Globe, March 13, 2009
Following a caucus where House lawmakers listened to economists and other fiscal specialists outline a bleak fiscal future for the state, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, who this week pegged the current budget deficit at $50 million to $500 million would not rule out a major tax hike to help balance next year's fiscal plan. He said lawmakers must first cut as much as they can from state programs.
-- Boston Globe, March 12, 2009

...Representative Robert A. DeLeo, assumed office the same week and immediately gave his entire staff raises, some as high as 56 percent. In the following weeks, he hiked the pay of several staff members working for his new leadership team.
-- Boston Globe, March 13, 2009


Massachusetts ranks dead last in contested elections

Massachusetts, once known for its raucous politics, now ranks last in the nation in the percentage of voters with a choice as to who represents them in the State House.
-- Commonwealth Unbound, October 1, 2008
I'm just saying.

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