Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laugh it up, Rep. Hecht

Are you a Republican living in Watertown? Or a one of the many Democrats or Independents who are fed up with the way things are done in this state? Do you know one? This item is for you.

The House passed its 25 percent sales tax boost last night, with a veto-proof margin. In other breaking news, Dunkin' Donuts served coffee this morning.

This bit from the State House News ought to get under your skin:
Members joked about the electoral risks in backing higher taxes. Endorsing the tax hike in his maiden speech, Rep. Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown) said he had been elected last September without facing a Republican opponent.
“Perhaps that will change after this vote,” Hecht said, drawing laughs from colleagues.
Ho ho. Good one.

Of course Rep. Hecht can joke, and his colleagues can share a chuckle, because they know that - yet another tax increase notwithstanding - the chances that he will face a serious challenger next cycle (or ever in his career, however long he decides to remain in the House) are slim.

I continue to hope/think that even here in Massachusetts, there has to be a tipping point. If there is, then maybe little "jokes" like Rep. Hecht's push us just a little bit closer to the paradigm shift necessary to stifle all of this laughter at taxpayer expense once and for all.

Take a look at this clip from Boston.com. Dollars to doughnuts the second woman interviewed works at the State House...

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  1. This kind of arrogance is sickening. Hecht needs to be reminded who pays his mortgage.

    Reminds me how the intern on the phone in Rep. McGovern's office laughed when I politely suggested he reconsider his vote on the Stimulus Bill. Yeah, laughed at me. Maybe I'll run against McGovern - just so he has to show up to a debate or two. 2010 cant come soon enough.


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