Sunday, June 7, 2009

Egan channeling Carr

The Herald's Margery Egan, usually a reliable if sometimes critical voice of the left, is channeling her colleague Howie Carr today in a lengthy expectoration of anger and frustration at the Massachusetts Legislature and its enablers - the Massachusetts voters. Here are some particularly vitriolic excerpts:
The third House speaker in a row gets nabbed. Do humiliated legislators throw their sorry selves off the Golden Dome? No - they vote to keep two paid scam holidays that nobody else gets but we pay millions for. Their message: Nothin’ you can do about it, you pathetic voter, you.
Right before that, our fearless leaders passed a big fat sales tax on you, pathetic voter, without passing even a teeny-tiny reform on their own big fat pensions. Do you get a big fat pension, or any pension, or Cadillac health care, for life? Can you retire at 55?
Good stuff, no? A few days ago I speculated, "perhaps some Democrats might start to wonder if their party needs to be saved from the people running the machine." Egan falls into that category herself - and it seems she expects to have some company:
Alas, my fellow pathetic voters, this is our fault. Almost every legislator voted for the sales tax. That’s revenue before reform, said Senate President Terry Murray - who should never get another vote either. Chances are, pathetic voters, you voted for the thief who voted to shaft you, again....

Snap out of it! Pay attention! Have some self-respect! Get your blood up, sheeple! Storm the dome. If your state rep or senator voted for the sales tax, that’s it. Get rid of ’em. The next election’s November 2010. Not one more pathetic vote. NOT ONE!
Hear hear. Let's see if she can maintain this level of indignation through next November - and if she and others who think like her can convince fellow Democrats to stop being complicit in their own victimization.

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