Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Charlie Baker for Governor - new video statement

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  1. Mr. Baker,

    Can you tell me your stance on public school education? Deval Patrick resisted making cuts to towns in order to prevent additional layoffs to already compromised education.

    I live in Belmont and without the stimulus money we would have lost 26 teachers in our very small town. That stimulus money wont be there next year and we are concerned that with the economy the way it is our residents who pay for public schools through property taxes, wont support it. So in addition to the 26 teachers, there will be even more cut without an override or additional assistance from the State of Massachusetts.

    How do we advance our economy when we give up on the foundation of a good education?

    How do we have good education if we are cutting the taxes that fund it?

    How can you with your platform of cutting back on spending keep funding for public school education with an even smaller budget, or is your intent to see how education goes with larger class sizes and older books? This would be a gamble I'm not sure we should bet on.

    I'm just wondering how America can compete in a global setting when we are already sliding down the ranks of performance if we save money now but don't look at the consequences.

    Please help me understand how we can keep public safety, road maintenance and education a priority with a repeal of the sales tax and tax cuts because I always thought you had to invest to get a return. Please respond.

    Thank you,
    Anne Mahon
    Butler PTA

  2. Ms. Mahon,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm afraid there may be some confusion, however. Although I did republish Charlie Baker's announcement video and I do personally support him for Governor, this is not his website - he has nothing to do with it. If you'd like to visit his campaign website, go to www.charliebaker2010.com .


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