Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Charlie Baker for Governor

In case anyone was wondering.

Why? Well, here are just a few initial thoughts:

Enormously impressive experience in both the public and the private sectors.

Public sector experience specifically focused on the state's finances - he was Secretary of Administration and Finance (top fiscal adviser) under both Governors Weld and Cellucci.

Private sector experience in the health care industry, an area of crucial concern to both the public and private sectors, turning Harvard Pilgrim into the most acclaimed health plan in the nation.

He even has municipal experience, as a selectman in his home town of Swampscott. Look for his opposition to downplay and even mock that - a dem pundit on Dan Rea's radio show last night was already trying this line: "the only elective office he's ever held..." Particularly in these trying times, though, a little bit of substantive experience dealing with municipal finances and the day-to-day problems facing our cities and towns would be truly invaluable for the next governor.

He is a Weld Republican - fiscally conservative and socially moderate - running in a state that elected the original Weld Republican to a second term by an unprecedented (and never since duplicated) landslide.

Finally - the ultimate litmus test for me - he is a great guy. More, he projects that trait effortlessly, engaging friend and new acquaintance alike with the same warmth, enthusiasm and genuine interest.

There are plenty more reasons for Massachusetts - Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike - to get behind Charlie Baker. I'll type about many of them in the months to come. For the time being, if you do not know much about him take advantage of the initial flurry of news coverage to become acquainted with Baker's experience, his persona and his positions. If you take the time to read my musings, I'm quite confident you will like what you see.


  1. I had the pleasure of listening to Charlie Baker speak this afternoon. He came across as a no nosense candidate who is running for the right reasons. Charlie knows there are many issues, but stated that tough decisions have to be made here and now in order to move forward. That is a better solution than blaming everything on the global economic problems wondering when the fix will come. His track record in the helth care sector speaks for itself. If elected, I hope he addresses the need for state government reform in regards to process. I hope Charlie can get out there enough so people come to know him. If he can, I think he can win. The state would be better for it. He has my vote.

  2. I like the little I know about Charlie Baker and he has my vote. We have to defeat Gov. Patrick in November for many reasons. One of which is the agenda for giving illegal aliens benefits. Our hard earned tax dollars going to illegals when American are going without. Illegals get more benefits than Americans these days.


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