Friday, August 28, 2009

Beyond Parody

OK, I admit it. I saw the Globe editorial this morning titled "Legislature must act quickly on interim Senate appointment," and I read no further than the title. Just was not in the mood to spoil a perfectly good Friday morning. It took a mention in the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web online column this afternoon to bring my attention to a real howler embedded in the middle of the Globe piece:
Surely the governor can find a temporary replacement whose views are consistent with those of Kennedy and the Massachusetts voters who kept faith with him since 1962. Michael Dukakis, an elder statesman of Massachusetts politics, would be one good choice to uphold the Kennedy legacy for the few critical months before a special election. The former governor’s career speaks of a politician whose explicit promise not to seek the office could be trusted, even if no law can be cited to enforce the pledge.
As a Republican who sincerely hopes that Governor Patrick is defeated next year (if indeed he seeks reelection, of which proposition I may have mentioned I am dubious), I must say: have at it, Governor! Go Duke! I cannot think of any move better calculated to cement Patrick's legacy as the second coming of Michael Dukakis than to cap his failed first term by resurrecting Dukakis's political career, albeit temporarily.

As a proud citizen of Massachusetts and of these United States of America, however, there is only one appropriate response to the Globe's suggestion.
(if you're reading on a handheld, that last link is to a screaming montage that someone put up on YouTube.)

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  1. I almost emailed this to you today to comment on, but I figured you'd get around to it eventually. These Globe editorials keep getting more and more hilarious. Like you said, it's like the Onion staff has taken over.


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