Sunday, September 6, 2009

He was for it before he was against it... again

Can he not just stay quiet? Do the words "no comment" taste so bad that he cannot bear to have them pass his lips?

Here's Senator John Kerry (D-the Louvre) on the Great White of a bill lurking in the depths of Beacon Hill that would re-change Massachusetts law to give Governor Patrick the power to appoint a seat-warmer / health care voter to fill the late Senator Kennedy's seat:

In a telephone interview, Kerry said changing the law is important. “It’s not a vote for party,’’ he said, “it’s a vote for the best interests of Massachusetts. It’s better for Massachusetts to have representation than not.’’

Kerry said he is confident an interim appointee will keep his word. He also said he would favor the change even if a Republican sat in the governor’s office, on the theory that any governor would do the right thing, and understand that “a temporary appointment is not a moment to take political advantage.’’

Kerry also said the law, if changed now to allow for this interim appointment, should not be changed again if voters elect a Republican governor. “We will live with whatever happens down the road,’’ he said.

A few voters will recall that the last time this particular law was changed, five years ago, the switch was made because it looked like one John Kerry might be elected President of these United States. At the time, Kerry did not mention his peculiar faith that "any governor would do the right thing." He was not heard to argue, as he traveled the country and missed the vast majority of Senate business for months on end, that "It’s better for Massachusetts to have representation than not." He apparently thought it perfectly kosher to strip Mitt Romney of the Massachusetts Governor's long-standing power to appoint a replacement Senator in the event of a vacancy.

The fact that he feels compelled to clarify that, cross-his-heart-and-hope-to-die, the Dems will not simply change the law back to strip a Republican Governor of appointment power down the line speaks volumes. Even Kerry recognizes on some level what a parody Massachusetts state government has become.

I understand that for John Kerry, hypocrisy is second nature. Or first nature. But must he be so brazen about it? Recognizing his singular role in the events that brought us to this pass, and that in a very real sense the earlier law change happened for his benefit, can he not just step back and, with the dignity appropriate to his new role as our senior Senator, stand apart from the fray and let this thing play out?

Or, barring that, could he not confine himself to statements that aren't pure fertilizer?

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  1. don't forget, Senator "don't you know who i am" Kerry is now the -senior- senator... he needs to remind everyone -just- how important he is now...


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