Monday, October 12, 2009

Another great argument for a part-time legislature

This delightful blurb comes from the State House News' Weekly Roundup (read the whole thing - it's a good one):
So, what do they do now, with no money to spend? That was the question posed in DeLeo's office Tuesday when the speaker met with senior leadership and committee chairs. Biding its time on Gov. Deval Patrick's charter and school reform packages, the House is a bit short on the affirmative side of the agenda these days. DeLeo's assignment to his underlings: bring me good ideas that don't cost anything. Eyes alight, the committee chairs returned merrily to their committees to produce all manner of no-dollar proposals: bottle bill expansions, transgender rights, criminal offender record information changes, reduced voter registration age, canine devocalization. Even Senate President Therese Murray got into the spirit, rifling from left field the suggestion of consolidating economic development agencies.
Out of our money and needing to justify the fact that Massachusetts is one of only ten states with a full time legislature, our legislators are set to brain-storming. With the zero cost precondition, this state of affairs is certainly a lesser evil compared to recent quests for 'revenue enhancers.'

But might it not be better still to send these folks home, and spare ourselves a legislative 'brain-storm' that will inevitably turn into an autumn blizzard of inanity presaged by the short list above?

Canine devocalization? My highly intelligent Black Labrador says "WOOF!" (Translated: "Oh for the love of God will you people give it a rest?")

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  1. I would vote for your highly intelligent Black Labrador over some of these people.

    What are their staffers doing? What are the committees doing? What are the committee staffers doing? There's a lot of money being spent on a whole lot of nothing. The 21st Amendment must be doing a booming business.


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