Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another dopey "no cost" proposal

Recall about a month ago that Massachusetts House Speaker Bob DeLeo instructed his Members to bring to him proposals that 'don't cost anything,' so that the Legislature - which has spent every single available dollar and more - could continue to give at least the appearance of worthwhile activity. They started with nonsense like "canine devocalization."

Since then, it has been fun to watch the headlines for the fruits of the Legislature's 'no-cost' brainstorming. Here is today's installment.

Anyone who has experienced the frustration lately of searching in vain for an available parking spot at Logan will likely cringe at the bill proposed by Senators Jack Hart and Sonia Chang-Diaz to create hybrid-only parking spaces on our city streets. There are plenty of such spaces at Logan - placed in prime positions adjacent to the terminal entrances. The majority of them are nearly always empty, standing as infuriating rebukes to those who dare to approach the airport, perhaps on a tight time-frame, in a traditional gas-swilling vehicle.

These parking perks for people willing to shell out huge premiums for politically correct wheels are intended to discourage our collective preference for, well, big cars with powerful engines. They are also supposed to be 'eco-friendly.'

On that second point, though, here's a question: how much extra gas is "guzzled" every day at the airport by SUVs, station wagons and muscle cars forced to search level by level for an open space, while 'green-reserved' spaces stand mockingly vacant?

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  1. Oh, no way. I drive an old Accord that probably gets better mileage than some hybrids in city driving. There are some days I literally cannot find anywhere legal to park in Back Bay. And I circle the blocks for ages. The last thing we need are more spots taken out of resident rotation for something like this. The parking makes living in the city unbearable. Do they really want to push me out into the suburbs so I drive in rather than take the T? That's eco-friendly.


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