Monday, December 14, 2009

Scott and Charlie on the tube

Both Senate candidate Scott Brown and gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker sat down for statewide televised interviews in the last couple of days. Both are worth your time.

Scott was interviewed by WBZ TV - give it a watch at this link. Note in particular the anchor's very first comment: both Brown and his opponent, Martha Coakley, were invited to appear. Coakley declined. What a surprise.

Charlie appeared on WCVB TV's "On the Record" this weekend. View the interview here. As always, Charlie is refreshingly frank and forthright, providing detailed and substantive responses where others rely on buzz phrases and platitudes.

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  1. I have found Charlie Baker to be not only intelligent but also refreshingly honest, genuine, and forthright. It certainly appears to me that, unlike many politicians, he puts the best interests of Massachusetts first. This is evidenced by his leaving a very lucrative job at Harvard Pilgrim to run for public office. I wish him the very best of luck in the upcoming election and he will certainly have my vote.


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