Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jeez, Massachusetts

Just when I thought we were starting to understand each other.

Congratulations to the candidates who won yesterday.  Condolences to the many excellent candidates who ran hard and lost.

And a huge thank you to Charlie Baker, a truly excellent human being who would have been a truly excellent governor.  Whatever he does next, he'll continue to be a world-beater.  All of us - even those who voted for one of his opponents - should hope he remains engaged in civic life here in Massachusetts.

I'm going to leave this blogging thing alone for a while, for fear that if I indulge myself in even a tiny bit of spleen ventilation I won't be able to stop the flow.

Time and perspective...

In the meantime, I thought these two maps were interesting -'s map of the 2006 results, compared to the 2010 version.  Gov. Patrick dropped eight percent... but that eight percent apparently accounts for an awful lot of geography.  Make of these what you will.  My analyzer is fried (and self-evidently unreliable).



  1. Dan I too feel like giving up the battle after the election yesterday, but some of us have to oppose the insanity and fiscal bloodshed. BTW, Spleens don't ventilate, they bleed, and they do so profusely. PJW

  2. If you're interested in the election results, tune into Basic Black tonight at 7:30pm on channel 2 in Boston for a live discussion of the gubernatorial election. You can also watch online at beginning at 7:20pm, where there will be a live chat. Hope to hear from you then!  


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