Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh good. We were about due for another round of legislative indictments.

Seems like the whole DiMasi/Wilkerson/Marzilli/Galluccio series of perp walks happened a million years ago.

And heck, we couldn't let a whole election cycle pass without at least one good grand jury investigation targeting members of the Massachusetts state legislature, could we?  We have a reputation to defend, what with Illinois and New York working  so hard to build their own cases for 'Most Corrupt and Dysfunctional State Government' status.

So it is good news, you see, to read on the front page of the Globe today that
The criminal investigation into alleged rigged hiring at the state Probation Department has moved beyond the agency itself into the State House, where a federal grand jury has issued subpoenas for records and House and Senate leaders are retaining an outside attorney.
 What with the six (six!!!) separate investigations and inquiries about the probation scandal currently getting ramped up, just think of all the jobs that are being created.  It's a win-win.

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