Thursday, March 17, 2011

Re-cap of Tim Murray's 'first term' as Acting Governor

Governor Patrick is slated to return late tonight from his ten day trip to Colorado, Israel and England.  Lt. Governor Tim Murray will wrap up his first prolonged stint as Acting Governor when Patrick's loafers hit the tarmac. In all likelihood nobody will be happier about that than Tim Murray.  He's had a rough go of it.

If Team Murray was hoping the Governor's extensive second term travel plans would afford the LG a great chance to 'appear gubernatorial' in the public eye, well in advance of 2014, then this first go-round has been something of a disaster.  Let's review the low-lights of Acting Governor Murray's 'first term':
  • Just before the Gov went wheels up, he apparently handed his LG a big bag of trouble labeled "Big Dig light-bombs," and said something along the lines of, "here, you handle this Tim." 
  • For unexplained reasons, the Acting Gov felt compelled to weigh in on the Japanese nuclear crisis, and in so doing he revealed a fundamental lack of understanding of how the Commonwealth's sole nuclear plant operates.
  • Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Murray canceled the regular weekly leadership meeting.  DeLeo's spokesman explained, "We were not aware there was leadership. Leadership does not take place when the principals are not together."  Whether he also patted the Acting Governor on the head is not yet known.
  • He made the rest of the Beacon Hill patronage kings look like amateurs by installing his former top campaign strategist in a brand-new six figure state job.
  • Then of course there was the whole Fidelity thing.
Yes, it has been a tough week-plus for the Acting Governor.  Patrick shouldn't be surprised if when the airplane doors open tonight, Murray is at the bottom of the stairs waiting to greet him with a big bear hug and an earnest  plea that Patrick never, ever leave him alone for so long again.


  1. you forgot the job for his girlfriend

  2. So I did! Thanks - rectified.

  3. Ha that was good. OK we have it solo good here in mass. We need ron paul


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