Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Globe *Hearts* Elizabeth Warren

It's love.  Not a crush, not a flirtation - L-O-V-E love.  The Boston Globe is head over heels for Elizabeth Warren. 

That in itself is no real surprise.  A Harvard professor?  A veteran of the Obama Administration?  A self-styled anti Wall Street crusader?  And she wants to run statewide, against the guy who shook the Globe's collective worldview to its foundations by taking what its reporters and columnists still consistently refer to as "Ted Kennedy's Senate seat"?  She had them at "Harvard."

What is surprising (a little bit, anyhow) is the intensity of this early ardor.  I mean, good God, someone tell Brian McGrory that Professor Warren is married already.  Even if she weren't, he'd have to fight off Noah Bierman and Frank Phillips to win her affection.  Each declared his amorous intentions in today's paper, unabashedly and without subtlety.  It's love.  Sloppy, awkward, embarrassing love.

This underscores the significant challenge that Senator Brown faces next year to hold on to what he rightly prefers to call "the People's Seat."  He won't just be running against a Democrat.  He'll be running against the Globe, which will give the D the equivalent of statewide paid media nearly every day.  That will be true no matter who ends up being the Democratic nominee.  And it's par for the course for a Republican in running in Massachusetts.

If the nominee is Warren, however, today's smoochy fawning makes it clear that the paper will be going to battle with all of the fervor of a medieval knight hoping to win the princess's hand by slaying the Republican. 


  1. So it's OK for the radical right-wing media, including the Herald, talk radio and Fux news to pump out a constant barrage of pro-corporate propaganda, but heavens forfend that the Globe has an editorial policy to the contrary.
    Time to re-read the First amendment and have somebody explain all the big words tp you....

  2. It must suck when your Senatorfold is yesterday's news. The green-eyed jealously is embarrassing. Have some dignity man!

    Scott Brown got his love from the press but after two years in office, the shine has worn off.

    Massachusetts residents have figured out his game and it's not their kind of politics. They want a strong financial reform bill, an empowered Environmental Protection Agency, and summer youth jobs programs. Scott doesn't.

    Love always,
    Shela Finn

  3. What an interesting comment, Anonymous. Thank you for making it. It is particularly nice to see the implied acknowledgement of the obvious fact that such an "editorial policy" exists. Ordinarily folks on the left are adamant in insisting that the Globe plays it straight down the middle. As for the First Amendment, perhaps you can go back to my post and point me to the place where I say or even imply that the Globe and its reporters aren't perfectly within their rights to fawn sloppily all over an undeclared Senate candidate?
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Thanks Sheila Finn. I missed the part where Senator Brown got his media love, but I'll admit that my attention wanders. In any event, I'm not sure the current polls bear our your blanket statement about what "Massachusetts residents" have and have not decided about the Senator. While I'm sure the Globe and its ilk will do everything they can to change this, for now Senator Brown remains the most popular elected official in MA, outpolling even the President.
    Thanks for commenting.
    PS: Is "green-eyed jealousy" an expression? Where does it come from? And how did you know I have green eyes?

  5. Sounds like you don't think much of the Globe's readership or maybe your dislike for the author of the article has curdled into a general distaste for everything associated with the paper including it's readers.

    Brown's favorable is 51% down from 59%. I think MA voters are just beginning to pay attention to Sen Barncoat, the myth and the politics.

    The expression is "Green-Eyed Monster" but I don't think you're a monster so I changed it and went with "Green-Eyed Jealousy". It's redundant but more civil.

    Shela Finn

  6. Thanks again, Shela. It seems you are reading quite a lot of subtext that was not intended. I actually like a lot of what Brian McGrory writes - I just think in this instance he's drooling all down his shirt.


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