Friday, September 16, 2011

Creativity must be rewarded

Okay, I don't usually do this, and I am somewhat hesitant to set a precedent. But this cause is too important to be ignored. And the cause is...

Beer pong. Or more specifically the beer-pongification of political fundraising.

Here's a dirty little non-secret: Almost nobody enjoys political fundraisers. Oh, there are a few junkies/groupies who do. People who really get jazzed about canned speeches in crowded (bad) rooms - or nearly empty ones (worse). Folks who cannot get enough of picked-over mini-sandwich trays and over-priced cash bars. The ones who really want to hear "that guy" (there is always one) recycle his semi-inebriated lecture on everything that the candidate/party/government/universe is doing wrong wrong wrong!, delivered in its entirety through mouthfuls of partly-masticated food. Then again, there are people who watch Canadian football. Diff'rent Strokes. But most of us attend the things only grudgingly, out of a genuine respect for the candidate or the cause and a desire to help - both financially and with a body to try and avoid the aforementioned dread empty room. Hardly anyone wakes up in the morning and thinks, "Another political fundraiser tonight! Woo-hoo!"

So when a candidate comes along and makes a genuine effort to shake up the standard crudité-in-a-musty- ballroom paradigm, it is incumbent upon all of us to step up and support the effort.

Next Tuesday evening in Boston's financial district, freshman Republican Rep. Dan Winslow is holding a beer-pong fundraiser. Let me type that again: a beer-pong fundraiser. And he's doing it on the fundraising equivalent of the Groupon model (buy early, with enough participation, and get a steep discount), using an online service called "good two." So it's creative thinking all around (and yes, it's legal. Sez who? Sez the Office of Campaign & Political Finance, that's who). The press is interested, and so should you be.

$25.00 ahead of time, by clicking here and signing up. A $100.00 value. I'm not sure how that number is calculated, but it seems more than reasonable for an hour of open bar and cut-throat competition, plus support for a guy who is actually making the waves he promised to make in the state legislature. At $25.00? Pshaw.

Follow my logic here. If this event is a success, then not only does Dan's reelection campaign get off to a good start (the AFL-CIO has targeted him, by the way. A freshman Rep! How cool is that?), but the event could very well start a trend. Who knows what this guy might come up with next? And what about the rest of those candidates out there? What might they come up with to keep up with the Winslows?

Rep. Winslow's best quote (the one that appears on all his materials) is: "If decent, honest and hard-working people don’t get involved in government, then government won’t be decent, honest and hard-working." True enough. And if decent, honest and thirsty Republicans don't show up for a first-of-its-kind beer pong fundraiser, conveniently located and reasonably priced, then there won't be any more beer pong fundraisers. We'll be forever doomed to the ranch dip and stale speeches. The choice is ours. Sign up and come next Tuesday. RSVP and details by clicking here.

Aside: thinking about a graphic for this post, the phrase "Abe Lincoln playing beer pong" popped into my head. So I Googled "Abe Lincoln playing beer pong," and what d'ya know? Not only is there an image, there's a t-shirt (click on the image). More creativity that must be rewarded. I love the internets.

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  1. Thanks for this great plug! To sweeten the deal, we have ordered a couple of the aforementioned Abe Lincoln Beer Pong T-shirts. Winning team gets 'em.


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