Monday, October 10, 2011

Random thoughts on the Occupation

I spend more time than I'd like thinking about the urban campers.  Some random thoughts, in no particular order:

A lot of whining about "name-calling" from the urban-camping set and their political/media allies.  Seems they mistake the First Amendment right to free speech with some sort of expanded "right" to behave like loony-birds without fear of mockery.


Seems to me that in the bad old days it was the privileged children of the super-rich who expected all good things to be handed to them for "free" and spent all their time whining about the injustice of it all.

Is Hollywood going to stop making movies about poor people working hard and ultimately getting ahead?  Has it already?

My daughter's class sometimes does this call-and-response thing.  She's almost four.

I have heard a lot of pundits (the haters) ask a variation on the same question: where are these people going to the bathroom?  The question "Does a bear sh*t in the woods?" is a rhetorical one.  I fear "do the #occupiers sh*t on the Greenway?" is too. 

Here's a serious one.  So far these "occupations" have been mostly - almost entirely - peaceful.  Sooner or sooner, though, the press and public are going to get bored of the spectacle (and city officials are going to get assertive about sanitation and other such practical concerns). At some point a minority of the urban campers are going to decide that to maintain their mo', they need to ratchet things up.  These will be the professional protesters, not the kids out there channeling a cartoon version of the sixties.  But some of those kids will get caught up in the ensuing ugliness.  I hope I'm wrong.
UPDATE 7:15 PM: I wasn't wrong. That didn't take long.  Shutting down a bridge didn't get them anything.  They'll ramp it up.

Whither the undead?
The zombie make-up meme seems to have died out (heh).  Too much effort?

Watching D politicians deal with the urban campers has been fun. From Elizabeth Warren to Barack Obama, they are all asked whether they support the "movement."  And they all side-step the question with some general expression of sympathy with their "frustration" or some-such.  Cannot alienate the base, but they can't suit up in the faded flannel and go camping themselves either.  The vast middle would frown on that.

Steve Grossman took his successful capitalist self down to the Greenway last week to recruit campaign staff for his percolating run for the corner office.  He said he might come back and bring the kids ice cream.  Sometimes when I need to get my almost-four-year-old to calm down and behave, I promise her ice cream.

A couple things about this video of the urban campers in Burlington, VT.  First, seriously, how is this  different from any other day in Burlington, VT?  And second, what's with the rhyme.  "Occupy Wall Street - All Day!  All Week!"  That's the best they could come up with?  One counts on street protesters at a minimum for clever and witty rhymes.  Very weak.  But at least there's an implied time bounding to all of this silliness.

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  1. I have been to the Occupation...almost all are homeless or mentally ill or trying to got l**d. How the Globe gets quotes from the 4 who can string a sentence (of sorts) together...I don't know!


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