Monday, November 14, 2011

Professor Michael Avery - Frontrunner for Dingbat of the Year

You've probably heard about this Professor Michael Avery at Suffolk Law School who decided to one-up Paul Krugman's despicable 9/11 rant by disparaging U.S. Servicemen and women, and those who support them, in reaction to a campus Veterans Day care package drive.

I couldn't agree more, of course, with those who insist that this country's greatness stems in part from our societal willingness to countenance such nonsense in the name of Free Speech, one of our most cherished liberties.  Absolutely correct.

Here are some other things that are absolutely correct: Suffolk students have the right to consider Professor Avery's comments in deciding whether to enroll in his classes.  Donors to Suffolk University have the right to consider them in budgeting their annual giving - and to make their thoughts known to the school's administrators.  And everyone writing and saying that this guy is a dingbat have the right to point out that he is, in point of fairly objective fact, a dingbat.

More, though, we should take careful note of the comments, and understand that Professor Avery occupies a position of influence over hundreds of kids whose "job" it is, when in his presence, to internalize his words.  And unfortunately he is hardly alone.


  1. Notice that this so called law professor studied at University of Moscow 1968-1969...during the peak of the cold war while the Soviet Union was doing its best to destroy the United States and all true democratic governments to supplant communist despotism...I suppose that prof Avery thinks that the murder of 200 million souls was not enough for him and wants to give communism another chance to kill even more people?????

  2. If not for the brave men and women of our armed forces, this POS would not be able to say the things he does. Sad irony.

  3. I think it is shameful that this communist is allowed to teach our young people anything. He should be sent to the front line and let him drive a truck in the path of an IED then have him lose a leg or an arm.

  4. If you take a glance at his CE you will also note his ties to the leftist ACLU and the career he has made of disparaging cops!


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