Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chevy Volt: It exists!!

Sitting in traffic this morning, I saw it creeping by to my left.  A Chevy Volt.

I felt like I'd just spied a Yeti or a Jackalope.  Or the Tooth Fairy.  A Chevy Volt, on the same road I was driving!  I had to grab my phone and snap a quick picture (traffic was stopped. I swear).  Otherwise who would ever believe me?

They Exist!
Just stop to consider the odds.  According to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics, in 2008 - four years ago now - there were more than 254 million passenger vehicles registered in the United States.  GM estimates that a grand total of 6,000 Volts have been sold to date. That means the chance of sliding up next to a Volt on the Pike - or any other roadway - is approximately one in forty-two thousand.

Coming the very day after I'd read this analysis by the esteemed Mackinac Center for Public Policy, the sighting felt like serendipity at work.  Mackinac's James Hohman crunched the numbers and determined that US taxpayers subsidize production of the Volt to the tune of around $250,000 per vehicle.  Let that sink in.  $250 thousand, per car, to allow a handful of people wealthy enough to shell out $40K on a crank-up version of Chevy's most stripped-down compact sedans to indulge their moral superiority complexes. (Related Post: Pols Preen In Green... and we pay).

I felt compelled to roll down my window and demand that the driver thank me (as a self-designated representative of all taxpayers) for our generous support of his personal green fetish.  I didn't, because that would have been - you know - a little too Planter's Cocktail Mix.  And besides, with the length of the traffic back-up we were both sitting in the poor guy was probably stressed enough wondering if he'd make it to the nearest EV charging station in time. 

I hope he made it.  Honest, I do.  Can't have "our" investment sputtering out on the Pike.

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  1. Very funny. Glad you were so excited but you really need to spend a bit more time on your research. First of all, this car doesn't need an EV charging station: it runs perfectly well on gasoline for about 300 miles or so when the charge runs out. And second, if you believe that $250,000 baloney I would love to sell you a bridge. And you probably also are a sucker for all those Republican promises of taxcuts as well. In any case, that phoney number was obtained by dividing the total development cost by the 6000 cars sold to-date. By the same standard the Boeing 787's cost per plane is about equal to the gross national product. No wonder the people who push this nonsense send all their production to China, they clearly don't understand business or math. For an equally ridiculous estimate check out the one that says it is only $25/car. Actually this one is a lot closer to the truth.


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