Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tim Cahill: The Opposite of Self-Aware, Redux

[I know. I know. I promised. He makes it impossible.]

Maybe this is just me, but you know that fuzzy-brained feeling you get when you try to think seriously about a subject that is truly incomprehensible? Something like mortality, or the size of the universe?

The Opposite of Self-Aware
I get that same feeling when I try to imagine a way to quantify the utter lack of self-awareness evidenced in the blurb below, written  recently by former Treasurer / gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill as part of his periodic "MINDSETTER" (!!!) column in a publication called "GoLocalWorcester". Under the title 'Things That Made Me Angry' it appears, with no outward indication of the unfathomable irony imbued in the words:
WHEN NEWT GINGRICH SPEAKS: Just stop whining, Newt. You are running for President and you have won in two out of twenty states so far. One of them was your home state and the other bordering your home state. Come on! You can throw a punch but you have a glass chin. Can we stop already with the talk of how brilliant this man is. Staying in the race only guarantees that the candidate you so obviously despise, Mitt Romney, wins. How brilliant is that?
I can barely read the paragraph, much less think about it hard enough to offer any particular observations. I'm afraid I might stroke out. There's already blood oozing from my ears.

By the way, here's how Cahill starts the column:
Have you ever had one of those weeks where it seems like everything you read makes your blood boil. Every experience just kind of "pisses you off". And everything that you see and hear on television or the radio just "grinds your gears".
I know just what he means. For a good part of 2010 I called that feeling "Tim Cahill."

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