Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Democrats' Nonsensical Health Care Attacks

One can understand why the national Democrats, with the gleeful cooperation of their Bay State counterparts, gave in to the temptation to hang a Mitt Romney pinata at this week's 'sixth anniversary celebration' of Massachusetts health care reform.  The Mass Ds even baked an Etch-a-Sketch cake. Mass Democratic Committee Chairman John Walsh took a shot, quipping
"Mitt even included the individual mandate as part of the health reform legislation he signed into law in Massachusetts, which served as the national model for the Affordable Care Act. Mitt Romney should be proud of what he and Ted Kennedy started six years ago today."
Cleverness by Confection
And of course Obama surrogate #1 (who moonlights as the Governor of Massachusetts) got into the act as well, relying on his legendary powers of divination to observe, "I know, or at least I sense, that he’s personally proud of it..."

"Proud" of "what he and Ted Kennedy started!" Whoa-ho! Fightin' words, those. Doubtless Republican primary voters (the ones who didn't know about Mitt and healthcare) will now rise up against him in furious anger, throwing their votes and the nomination to... um...


Think about the underlying rationale for these attacks-by-compliment for a minute:

The Obama/Patrick folks love Obamacare. They think it is a very good thing. Further, they view the Commonwealth's 2006 health reforms as a precursor to Obamacare, making them too very good things.

Underlying the Dems' quip-fest this week is the assumption that association of Mitt with these 'good things' will hurt his chances in the general election - which necessarily implies that Obama/Patrick know that an awful lot of voters in fact think Obamacare is a bad thing.

To believe that reminding those voters of Mitt's association with health care reform will hurt Mitt in the general, Obama/Patrick & Co. have to assume further that those same voters will refuse to support Mitt to punish him for his involvement with what they see as a bad thing... which would obviously inure to the benefit of the President... who unabashedly declares that Obamacare is a good thing.

The head spins.

One almost feels for the Ds here. They believed - because the media continually assured them it was so - that Governor Romney's willingness to dive into the thorny thicket of health care reform and participate in efforts to craft a bipartisan solution to a real and pressing problem would be his Achilles' heel in the Republican primaries. That turned out to be somewhat less than advertised. Now, with the nomination all but sewn up for Mitt, the Ds  just cannot let it go. They'd probably been planning this week's "party" for months. Someone ordered a custom cake!  Faced with the suddenly-altered political landscape produced by Rick Santorum's departure from the Republican field, the Ds were unable to abandon their 'clever' plans.

Despite their best efforts, the Democrats failed to knock Mitt out of the primaries - maybe because the voters, even those who disagree with his actions in 2006, appreciate a chief executive who refuses to apologize for taking a political risk to attempt to solve a difficult problem.

Ironically, in their continual harping on health care the Democrats are underscoring yet another increasingly obvious and unflattering contrast with the current occupant of the Oval Office.

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  1. It's amazing to see just how much backlash Obama has gotten due to his Obamacare plan. While it is flawed, I believe Obama still has time to tweak it and make things better. The only question there is will he?


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