Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Look Ma, it's the bottom! - MA drops near the cellar in annual CEO survey

So let me get this out of the way: the "out-party" is always going to be susceptible to the charge that its members are "rooting for failure". It is only natural, when the opposition is in power and constantly chanting, sometimes against all evidence, that things are hunky-dory and getting better, to point to contrary evidence when it arises with barely- disguised enthusiasm. This isn't enthusiasm for the state if affairs - it is hope that maybe, just maybe this will be the thing that finally exposes the other side's purported tray of brownies for the cow pies that "we" have always known it to be.

So anyhow, go ahead and accuse me of rooting for failure if you must. This is what it is.

Chief Executive Magazine is out with its annual survey of "The Best and Worst States for Business". This year around 650 CEOs of our nation's major employers participated in the survey, and their collective judgement was... that our fair Commonwealth is a comparatively crappy place to do business. Worse than every other state, in fact, besides Illinois, New York, and California. NĂºmero 47, with a tumbling bullet (down from 45 last year).

I know, I know, this flies in the face of everything you read in the Globe, and everything the Governor says. But step back and consider the source. Government employment and economic growth figures can be (and are) manipulated to say pretty much anything anyone wants them to say. That is not a cut on the current party in power - both parties do it. Likewise, each side of the ideological divide has its pet think tanks, always with impartial, credible, academic sounding names, that in truth are little more than repositories for former government and/or party officials singing their old songs into a different microphone.

This is a survey of 650 of the people in this country who every day make decisions about where to invest, where to expand, and where to avoid. And they are saying that there are 46 other states where they'd go to do business before coming to Massachusetts. That is a piss-poor result (and that is an understatement).

Worse, look at the MA explanation page. We get great marks for our "human capital" (we always do). But contra the self-serving over-valuation that our pols always ascribe to that particular advantage, it seems "human capital" just doesn't buy what it used to before the world became so danged mobile.

Look at these comments:
“California and Massachusetts in league of their own for anti-business regulatory environment.”
“California, Massachusetts and Vermont have enacted anti-business policies that are detrimental, especially to the medical device industry.”
Now where have I heard that before? Oh, right. EVERYWHERE. Except in government, where elected officials and career bureaucrats deliberately ignore the impact of their policy decisions on our employers.

I am not celebrating failure here... I'm saying told you so. And wake up!

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